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This is our place....

This is our place....

 Welcome to Manukau. Tena Koutou Katoa. Kia Orana. Talofa Lava. Halo olakela. In our city there are as many ways of saying 'Welcome' as there are places where you will be made to feel at home.

Home to over 55 different ethnic groups, Manukau City is known as MANUKAU - FACE OF THE FUTURE a celebration of the unique diversity and innovation that makes up the place that is Manukau.

A young team

A wide range of ethnic groups including Western, central and Eastern Europe, the Americas, Asia and Polynesia have made the city their home.

 No where else in this country will you find such a broad and harmonious mix of cultures or combination of modern and traditional features. It is in Manukau too that there is an appealing blend of city and rural spaces, which we believe to be the epitome of what you will find in New Zealand.

Other cities may try to dispute this, but in our view, Manukau is the true gateway to New Zealand.

Manukau is one of the fastest growing cities in the country with a population in excess of 255,000, and expected to top 300,000 soon. 43% of the population is under 25 years of age, 35% under 20.

City Centre

"Diverse, young and energetic," is what the research shows, and creating an identity was a way to harness that energy and build a positive, prosperous community.

It is recognised that when different cultures meet, there can be sparks which create positive energy. A fusion of energy is happening in Manukau. When a music group from Otara combined British rock music with Polynesian pulses, the distinctive sound of the newly formed group, OMC became internationally recognisable.

DancersBut OMC is just one example of this innovation and energy. Ma-V-Elle, In Voice, Ardijah, Overdose, SUGAR, the list goes on, and it is not limited to musical innovation. Foods and fashion show similar uniqueness, and Manukau's sports persons and businesses are world renowned for their achievements.

The Identity is about encouraging people in all aspects of the community: social/lifestyle; spiritual/moral; economic, to celebrate the diversity they see around them every day, building understanding and respect for different cultures, and recognising the contribution that each makes to the community and its well-being.

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